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safe youth football for future athletes

safe youth football for future athletes


Five Wide Football plays a version of American football that is groundbreaking in the realm of youth sports: 7 on 7 football.

7 on 7 football is played across the state of Texas, and many other powerhouse football states, as a Summer preparatory activity for the high school football season. The sport proves to be a great tool to get high school athletes in shape for Friday Night Lights in the Fall, while developing high technique skills such as passing, receiving and route-running. Combined with athlete safety due to the non-contact format, 7 on 7 has expanded rapidly in high schools around the nation and throughout the state of Texas.

These high schools have participated officially in Texas since 1998, with the Texas State Championship Tournament being held in College Station for most of that time.

Breaking It Down

We know this is still a new concept, but we believe in our sport and have seen its appeal repeatedly draw new players in.  So we understand you may be wondering if you should sign your child up.  That's a fair question, and we're here to provide you with all the details.  

7  on 7 is a simplified take on American tackle football with inspired by aspects of a game played in the schoolyard for ages - one hand touch.  Only passing is allowed on each down (no rushing), and participants can only run with the ball after a successful catch.  The defense only has to touch a player once to stop the drive.  This does draw comparisons to flag football, but 7 on 7 doesn't use flags and the overall ruleset much more closely mirrors traditional football.  In short, this creates an intensive, exciting, and safe alternative of the sport built around explosive offensive maneuvers and fast-paced action.  The precautions of no-tackle and high speed combine into the perfect opportunity to practice valuable skills in a safe and competitive environment.  

And that leads to one thing: FUN! Our players are big believers in just how incredibly FUN 7 on 7 is, whether it is used as its own standalone sport or as a way to get ready for middle school tackle football.  

Of course, we know you may have more questions or concerns, and encourage you to reach out to us at any time.  We're ready to help out and will provide you with any materials to better explain our passion project.  7 on 7 has experienced tremendous growth since its inception, and we're confident it will bring in an eager fanbase.


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